Broadcast Quality Video Editing

Video Editing
Want to give your old business footage a new lease on life? Do you already have existing video footage? Do you want to update or upgrade the quality of your current video material? Our stand alone video editing services are frequently used by the majority of our video clients. All of our regular services such as video animations and titles, suitable background music and seamless transitions are available with this service.

Whilst professional video recording is highly recommended for the entire project, there are times when we can use existing footage from a client. Taking existing video footage and turning it into a professional package is never an easy task. Especially when the footage is of low quality. Fortunately, our industry standard software and equipment allow us significantly enhance the quality of most raw footage. This ranges from stabilising shaky footage, taking out that innocuous safety hazard in the background and colour correct poorly filmed footage.

At Media machine we have the ability to work with almost any file type, video format, compression type or platform available. Using current industry leading software from Apple and Adobe means we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping up with ever-changing video formats. Even if we can’t use open the existing media, we have professional hardware solutions that can re-digitise footage whilst keeping optimal quality for video editing.

Media Machine is being rebranded as West Point Media

Media Machine is being rebranded as West Point Media , but don’t worry, we’ll still be offering high quality video, web, design and marketing services for all of our clients. Please visit our new website which has an even greater wealth of information and offers for our clients. This change will allow us to provide you with better service, greater value and more relevancy.