Training and Induction Video Production

induction video production
Research shows time and time again that training and induction videos are absolutely the most effective way to teach people. This is simply because of the way the human brain processes information. Studies have proven that video information retention levels are up to 95%. By comparison, written information such as books or training manuals have retention levels as low as 20%.

Retention of information is a critical part of any effective training or induction video. Not only does it mean people learn the correct way to carry out a task, they also learn the SAFE way to carry it out. Ask any company CEO and they will tell you the number one value they hold above everything else is occupational health and safety. In today’s corporate workplace, it is financially unwise to ignore even the slightest safety issue.

Training and induction video production is not an unfortunate necessity, instead they are an opportunity for to save money and increase productivity. Videos are the simplest way to learn. They show a consistent message that is easier to remember and execute. Which means someone who has watched a training or induction video production is more likely to know the correct, safe procedure straight away. It is by far the most effective medium for the job. By contrast, print only training and induction material is less effective and more likely to be misunderstood or forgotten.

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