Interactive Media (CD/DVD-Rom)

Interactive Media
Interactive Media such as CD-Roms, DVD-Roms and Flash Drives are an ideal solution for projects that have application files other than video files. This means the audience can open external pdf files, spreadsheet, calculators, browse to weblinks and work with interactive flash files such as 3D virtual tours.

Interactive media options are certainly extremely powerful tools that can really increase the production value of your corporate message. In addition to taking advantage of the powerful features of Interactive Media, we author the total presentation with a consistent design theme to include elements such as interactive menus and presentation screens. Even if you have existing video, web or print material we guarantee that we can package it better, make it look better, and most importantly work for you better.

Depending on the scale of your audience, Interactive CDs and DVDs can be produced using either duplication or replication. Duplication is suitable for smaller projects ranging from 1-50 discs. Projects requiring between 50-100 discs can use either method and projects with bigger requirements are suited to replication. Flash drives can be used for any size project although branded flash drives require minimum orders of at least 500 units.

In addition, we also offer complete branding solutions, bulk media and print material production, offset printing disc replication, presentation folders, additional complimentary print material (such as booklets and quick start guides), disc case designs and a range of supplementary media elements (such as video teasers) which you can use to promote and market your production.

Media Machine is being rebranded as West Point Media

Media Machine is being rebranded as West Point Media , but don’t worry, we’ll still be offering high quality video, web, design and marketing services for all of our clients. Please visit our new website which has an even greater wealth of information and offers for our clients. This change will allow us to provide you with better service, greater value and more relevancy.