Illustration, Caricature & Icon design

Illustration is often over-looked in corporate marketing, especially by smaller business. After all, how can a cartoon or caricature help my business? Illustrations of people or animals demand people’s attention. They consistently draw the eye of the audience due to their whimsical, care-free nature. Put simply, people crave fun in their day, even when shopping for dish washing detergent or looking to fix their busted hot water system.

This is that exact reason why high-quality, professional illustrations can have such a huge impact for your business. Illustration is rarely used, so it consistently stands head and shoulders above generic stock photography and blocks of text that are used in most marketing media.

An illustration can stand out like no other design element. They are eye-catching because of there high contrast, other-worldly nature.

They can create a unique and memorable marketing brand that people can identify as your “brand”. Think of popular mascots like the Michelin Man, The Linux Penguin or our very own Louie the fly. These identities have become synonymous with their product and create an added tier of brand recognition. Utilising a illustrated corporate mascot for your business, even simply a caricature of yourself, is a surefire way to get noticed and remembered.

Our illustration design services range from a series of cartoons, still caricatures to animated doodle videos and can sell just about any product or service. So no matter if you sell takeaway pizza or a lawn mowing service, your business can benefit from a unique illustration to set you out from the crowd.

Media Machine is being rebranded as West Point Media

Media Machine is being rebranded as West Point Media , but don’t worry, we’ll still be offering high quality video, web, design and marketing services for all of our clients. Please visit our new website which has an even greater wealth of information and offers for our clients. This change will allow us to provide you with better service, greater value and more relevancy.