Event Video Recording

Event Video Recording
Event Video Recording is an essential part of most businesses. Press Releases, conferences, ceremonies, seminars, gala events, product launches, school graduations, dance recitals, public performances, exhibitions and training sessions; These are all important events that many businesses want to keep record of.

But in capturing an important event like this, do you know what it is you want recorded? Do you know where the best place is to record from? Or what type of sound considerations are required? Do you know what kind of equipment is necessary to achieve what you want? And once you’ve got the footage what are you going to do with it? Put in online, use in-house or give it to your customers as a bonus for attending?

Luckily Media Machine does. We have a range of fully professional video equipment which allows us to produce large multi-camera events with wireless radio mic setups, down to intimate single camera recordings for smaller events such as a boardroom meetings and business training classes. Our flexible event video recording service is suitable for any size of business.

Recording important business events can help your business in a number of ways. Whether it be an opportunity to promote your business, increase the perceived value of the event for attendees, use for training purposes or simply act as a record of importance for future use, the benefits are endless.

Media Machine is being rebranded as West Point Media

Media Machine is being rebranded as West Point Media , but don’t worry, we’ll still be offering high quality video, web, design and marketing services for all of our clients. Please visit our new website which has an even greater wealth of information and offers for our clients. This change will allow us to provide you with better service, greater value and more relevancy.