Disc Replication and Disc Duplication

Disc Replication

Do you need to get your message out in bulk? Do you want to include a DVD package at your next major seminar? Or maybe an informative CD-Rom package to send to potential investors? If that’s the case, creating stylish optical media products such as these will skyrocket the effectiveness of your marketing material and create an unrivaled professional image for you. Disc copying falls into two categories. Large scale production (called disc replication) and small scale production (called disc duplication).

Disc Replication

Disc Replication is the process required for large scale disc reproduction. It is without question the highest quality way to reproduce a optical media and is the same process used by high-end productions such as theatrical movie Blu-ray or DVDs, professional music CDs and popular software releases. Disc Replication uses a process which stamps the information from a glass master to blank optical media in almost an instant. Once the media passes this stage, the disc surface is finished with offset screen printing of the highest possible quality. The entire process of creating a glass master and configuring a replication run is both expensive and time consuming. However, once set up, the cost per unit is very low compared to the smaller scale duplication process. As such, replication is only possible with quantities starting at 500 units.

Disc Duplication

Disc Duplication is generally used for smaller scale reproduction. Duplication is the process of burning discs and printing a disc cover onto the surface with either a thermal or inkjet printer. At Media Machine, we only use premium quality stock for our duplication projects.To start with, we use Taiyo Yuden media, a world renowned leader in optical media production and the only people in the industry to have a lifetime guarantee on there products. A little known fact is that independent tests have shown cheaper media can have a shelf life of as little as six months after burning. With Taiyo Yuden media, there is no such concern.

The disc duplication process is quite labour intensive and the cost per individual unit is far great than replication. Given these greater costs, duplication is usualy recommended for orders of up to 150 units. After this point it becomes a cheaper process to conduct a 500 unit replication run.

Disc Packaging

The process of creating stunning CD, DVD or Blu-Ray packages doesn’t stop just there. Usually the presentation of the product is complimented with high-quality packaging such as full colour DVD covers or presentational folders. At Media Machine we can provide the entire service for your reproduction needs. Starting from the design of the packaging, to creating print-ready files for professional printing use, to the supply of premium grade disc-covers which can be used for multi-disc products and finally the final assembly all these components into the final product.

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