We are Media Machine. Producers of dynamic video and web marketing content.

Media Machine is being rebranded as West Point Media. Soon we will be opening our new website which will have an even greater wealth of information and offers for our clients. This change will allow us to provide you with better service, greater value and more relevancy.

Welcome to Media Machine. Creators of professional, relevant media content such as broadcast-quality video productions, cutting-edge website development and beautiful graphic design for a variety of media platforms.

Put simply, if it is seen on a television, DVD, computer screen, smart phone or printed material, we can create it for you.

We can Deliver your message

At Media Machine we pride ourselves in producing effective, high quality design services for video, web and other media. If you have a product, service or idea that you want to communicate, we can help deliver that message in a format appropriate for viewing by the tens of thousands down to a handful of people.

The real power and benefit of our services is that they can be fully catered to suit any type of job, anywhere, at any time. We can create entire marketing media campaigns from scratch, or alternatively, take current work such as brochures or an existing website, and create complimentary marketing material to match the look and feel of your business.

Creating effective cross-media marketing

All business marketing, whether it be for a product, service or event will always benefit from taking a cross media approach. So whether you’re looking for an unique television commercial, viral web video, amazing web design or online marketing campaign, we can work in any medium on any scale and deliver an effective, memorable marketing campaign.

Over ten years of work in the Industry

In choosing Media Machine, you are choosing a company that has been in existence for over ten years. Which in some parts of the multimedia industry (such as web design and development) makes us a seasoned campaigner. We are proud of this fact and are absolutely committed to providing professional results that put a smile on our client’s faces.

Still undecided? Please take the time to look through the site and find out more about us and the wealth of professional media services we have on offer. We also have a huge port folio of previous projects on display for you to look at so you can get a real feel for our work.